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Crane Control Unit KST31 swiveling

The KST31 is an ergonomically designed swiveling crane control chair which provides
a high degree of comfort. The consoles, mounted to the driver’s seat, swing with
the seat. The consoles can be positioned to perfectly match any person by means of
length, height and inclination adjustment.
The standard version includes:

The plastic consoles can be equipped with custom command and indicating

Driver’s seat:
The comfortable driver’s seat KFS11 is equipped with a spring loaded hydraulic vibration
absorption system, including weight adjustment, air-permeable textile cover,
arm rests and head rest.

Cross-member with swivel base:
The cover of the sheet steel cross-member including the driver’s seat is forward
foldable. Thereby all wirings, terminals and bushings are easily accessible during
commissioning and maintenance. Swivel base has zero-tolerance bearings and
rotation can be locked in 3° steps.

Product description

Technical details may vary based on configuration or application!
Technical data subject to change without notice!

Technical data

Surface treatment

  • Base coat and textured varnish
  • Standard colour RAL 7035 light grey in combination with RAL 7016

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Crane Control Unit KST31 swiveling

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