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Single-Axis Controller S26

The Single-axis Controller S26 is a hall sensor switching device designed for electro-hydraulic
and remote controlled hydraulic. The modular design of the switching device is universally applicable.

Product description

Industrial Joysticks from Gessmann – made in Germany

– Mechanical life up to 6 million operating cycles

PL d compatible (DIN EN ISO 13849, complies SIL 2 according to DIN EN IEC 61508)

Degree of protection up to IP67

Many common el. interfaces available

Contactless hall-technology

Detent points available

With spring return or friction brake

Technical details may vary based on configuration or application! Technical data subject to change without notice!

Technical data

Voltage output

  • 0,5…2,5…4,5 V Us= 5 V / 9-32 V
  • 0…5…10 V
  • 10…0…10 V
  • SIL 2 / PL d able

Current output

  • 0…10…20 mA
  • 4…12…20 mA
  • 20…0…20 mA
  • 20…4…20 mA
  • SIL 2 / PL d able


  • Spring return
  • Friction brake
  • Detent points
  • Deflection angle 37,5 degree

Technical data

Mechanical life V26 6 million operating cycles
Operation temperature -40°C to +85°C
Degree of protection up to IP54, electronic assembly IP67
Functional safety PLd compatible (EN ISO 13849, complies
SIL2 to DIN EN IEC 61508)

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Industrial Joysticks

Single-Axis Controller S26

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