Single-Axis Controller S11

The S11 is a one-axis joystick designed for electro-hydraulic and remote controlled hydraulic.
Long life and high reliability is ensured by the latest contactless Hall-technology.
The modular design of the switching device is universally applicable.

Product description

Industrial Joysticks from Gessmann – made in Germany

– One-axis joystick for radio controls and elektro-hydraulic applications

Mechanical life up to 6 million operating cycles

PL d compatible (DIN EN ISO 13849, complies SIL 2 according to DIN EN IEC 61508)

Degree of protection up to IP67

Many common el. interfaces available

Contactless hall-technology

Detent points and end position latching available

With spring return or friction brake

Technical details may vary based on configuration or application! Technical data subject to change without notice!

Technical data

Voltage output

  • 0,5…2,5…4,5 V Us= 5 V / 9-32 V
  • 0…5…10 V
  • 10…0…10 V
  • SIL 2 / PL d able

Current output

  • 0…10…20 mA
  • 4…12…20 mA
  • 20…0…20 mA
  • 20…4…20 mA
  • SIL 2 / PL d able


  • Spring return
  • Friction brake
  • Detent points max. 4-0-4
  • Deflection angle 25 degree
  • End-position latching

Technical data

Mechanical life S11 6 million operating cycles
Operation temperature -40°C to +85°C
Degree of protection up to IP65, electronic assembly IP67
Functional safety PLd compatible (EN ISO 13849, complies
SIL2 to EN IEC 61508)

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Industrial Joysticks

Single-Axis Controller S11

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