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Preselector Switch

The reverser switch is included in a customized Master Control Unit according to specification no. 618585, which is used to control the traction and brake effort of a rail vehicle.

This Mode selector switch has a flexible connecting element, serving for the mechanical interlocking between the Power-/ Brake Controller and the Mode selector Switch in this Unit.

General Description Mode- /selector switch
The separate Mode-/ selector switch module is located at the left hand side of the Power-/ brake controller.
It includes a control lever to select the driving direction and/ or driving mode.
It also includes a key switch to activate the whole Master control unit.
All binary signals (switches) are wired up to a connector that is located at the end of a breakout cable.

Interlocking mechanism
Between the mode selector handle, the key switch and the power-/ brake controller a mechanical interlocking system is installed.
This interlocking mechanism serves the purpose of avoiding erroneous operation of these components.
Whether or not a component is interlocked depends on the position of the other components.

To provide the mechanical interlocking between the separated Power-/ Brake controller and Mode selector switch a flexible connecting element (called Flexball) is used.

Technical data

Technical data

Operation temperature range -5°C to +40°C
Maximum humidity during operation 95%
Power supply voltage 110 V DC (+25% / -30%)


Shock- and vibration test according to IEC 61373
EMC test according to EN 50 121-3-2
Voltage withstand test acc. to EN 50155 § – 50 Hz, 1kV, 1 min

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Preselector Switch

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