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Control Console C1

One Control Console – Unlimited Possibilities
We designed the control console C1 to give our customers the maximum freedom of design and conguration options. The design has paid attention to a compact format, which can be extended with additional modules. The modular design allows individual assembly with joysticks, displays and command devices. The Control Console C1 is thus able to adapt perfectly to your product and your branding.

Product description

Technical details may vary based on configuration or application!
Technical data subject to change without notice!

Technical data

Technical data

Operating temperature -40°C til +85°C
Horizontal adjustment +/- 30 mm

Basic insert plate

Three basic insert plates: many variations
Customer-specific inserts: realised with little effort
No predefined grid


L 520 x W 160 x H 100 to 150 mm

Upper part of housing

Slim and robust housing
Various mounting possibilities

Armrest and storage compartment

Armrest is adjustable in different steps
Ergonomic and customer specific arm pad
Installation conditions individually

Get creative

Make your own brand
With or without company logo
Illuminated is available


We develop individual lighting solutions for you

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Control Console C1

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