Industrial Controllers

Signal-Cam Controller NU 1

The Cam Controller NU 1 is used as a signal and annunciation switch in HV systems.
This rugged switching device has cam discs made of insulation material that can be set at
10° intervals. The DC contact blocks are designed to permit series assembly, which can be
operated simultaneously.

Technical data

Mechanical life NU1 2 million operating cycles
Operation temperature -40°C to +85°C
Degree of protection IP40 / IP65 with aluminium housing

Switching capacity

Switching capacity NC NO Time constant
250 V DC 2A 1A 20 ms
125 V DC 4A 3A 20 ms
50 V DC 6A 6A 20 ms
30 V DC 10A 10A 20 ms
250 V DC15 6A 6A 20 ms

Technical details may vary based on configuration or application!
Technical data subject to change without notice!