Crane System and Hoisting Equipment

Multi-Axis Controller V24

  • extremely robust joystick
  • special designed as a driving joystick for construction and agricultural machinery
  • mechanical life up to 20 million operating cycles
  • strong friction brake
  • PL d compatible (DIN EN ISO 13849, complies SIL 2 according to DIN EN IEC 61508)
  • degree of protection up to IP67
  • modular design, therefore very flexibly applicable
  • combinable with many Gessmann-grips
  • contactless hall-technology
  • packing position with latching


  • CAN SAE J1939
  • CANopen CiA DS 301
  • CANopen Safety CiA 304
  • additional up to 7 external digital inputs and 16 LED-outputs, 1 switching output 100mA
  • SIL 2 / PL d able


  • strong friction brake
  • different deflection angles
    • +/-10°
    • +/-15°
    • +/-20°
    • +/-25°

Technical data

Mechanical life V24 20 million operating cycles
Supply voltage see interface
Operation temperature -40°C to +85°C
Degree of protection up to IP67

The Multi-Axis Controller V24 is designed as a driving joystick for construction and agricultural machinery.
It has a parking position which can be inserted in the zero position.
The V24 is characterized by its extremely rugged design.
Through it`s various interfaces and the many possibilities of combination with our numerous ball handles the V24 is very flexible.

Technical details may vary based on configuration or application! Technical data subject to change without notice!