Electronic control unit ES/43

Electronic control unit
Electronic control unit ES/43

The electronic control unit ES/43 serves for control of proportional valves without position control. There is a version for 4 proportional valve solenoids (ES / 43-10) and a version for 2 Proportional valve solenoids (ES / 43-11) available.

- Stabailized voltage
- Chopper output stage with adjustable frequency
- Ramp time setting ON/OFF delay
- Creep speed circuit adjustable
- Solenoid current setting separate for minimum current and maximum current
- Output current controlled independently of temperature and solenoid
- Power output short-circuit-proof with overload protection
- Voltage input protected against polarity reversal
- Mechanical selection of direction by means of contacts
- LED operating voltage and working display
- Microprocessor technology therefore especially adaptable