The upstream quality

We reach it with :

  • Zero defect strategy
  • Error prevention instead of error elimination
  • Quality is produced, not merely achieved

Quality-conscious employees

We achieve this through:

  • Encouragement of the quality consciousness of all employees
  • Transmission of tasks and responsibilities
  • Advanced training
  • Recognition of the interests of all our employees

Quality and innovation leadership

  • Perfect quality at every point of the product cycle is our highest priority.
  • The receipt and protection of the quality of our products is the highest goal of our business policy.
  • Our products set standards in the international competition regarding to quality, innovation and efficiency.
  • We rank quality and innovative leader in the world-wide competition.
  • We measure ourselves daily at the most difficult requirements of our customers. Not until our customers are unconditionally content with our achievements is the existence of the company secured on a long-term.
  • We all act without compromises according to our quality principles to remain the quality of our products and achievements on the highest level.

Customers are the most important part of our company

  • We react fast and flexible to the requirements, desires and expectations of our customers by competent consulation and immaculate supply.
  • We support our customers with our experience and competence from the product offer up to the packaging and the operation of our products on the spot.
  • We supply immaculate goods and services at all times.
  • It is our aim to develop a good and especially trustful relationship with our clients over a long term.

We always find the better solutions and want to be leaders of our market

  • We supply our target markets world-wide with first-class products which meet the specific requirements.
  • With premium technical solutions under consideration of the economic aspects we are facing all challenges.
  • Consistent innovations offer an increase of value to our customers.
  • We work in fixed three-month projects continually on the improvement of our process flow, starting with the product request and the development up to the delivery. Therefore we provide aims which evaluate the progress/ the fulfillment in regular periods.
  • We implement improvements fast and learn new things daily.

Alwin Ehrensperger